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Peach Tree Farms

Peach Tree Farms
423 Peach Tree Road
Oakboro, NC 28129
(704) 485-4694
Cell (704) 991-6174

     Peach Tree Farms is located about 30 miles east of Charlotte in a little town called Oakboro.  We raise registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats and AKC Great Pyrenees dogs for herd protection.  We love the small farm life and welcome visitors to come and see our goats.  We have been raising goats for about 14 years, we started out due to our daughter wanting one little goat and fell in love with them.  They are great 4-H projects for kids and for school projects.  Being small they are easy to transport to fairs, festivals,  and other activities.  Give us a call or e-mail us anytime.

Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats
AKC Great Pyrenees Dogs
CKC Chihuahua Dogs

"We Service After The Sale"
Disbudding services
Stud services
Banding of Bucklings (Wethers)

Antique Festival Booth
We take some of our goats to the petting barn twice a year.
At the Big Lick Antique Festival in Oakboro, NC
Everyone enjoys the goats so much and they're a really big hit with children!

Peach Tree Farms Mona saying "Hello!"

Cali May and Baby Doe





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